Niklas Åkerblad

Niklas has been working with games since like 2007. He started out co-founding a company called shortfuse but eventually moved on to fully pursue his calling, as an autonomic artist. After a while he ran into Erik Svedäng and they set out to create the iPhone game KOMETEN on the premise that all graphics be painted in watercolours. Later Niklas, Erik and a couple of friends set out on the daunting/stupid/outrageous task of creating else Heart.Break() in one year. Four years later they’ve started to wrap up the work and the game will be released sometime in 2015.

During those four years he also hung out with Dennaton and helped them with creating cover art for both their top down fuck em ups Hotline Miami 1 & 2. You might also know Niklas by his pseudonym El Huervo which he uses to create music, which has been spilling out into his artwork more lately.

Niklas prefers analog mediums such as oil and watercolour. He doesn’t really like working with computers at all but realises that the only way for him to create interactive paintings is to build video games. And then you NEED to domesticate a computer.