Tatiana Vilela

Tatiana Vilela is an indie game designer. She began in 2010 by designing games for iPad and web browser based interactive experiences, before specializing herself in playful installation design. After few months scouring festivals and gatherings across the world with her homemade alternative controllers and rendering devices, she started to make a name for herself and earn a living from this activity. Since then, she develops and builds game-installations for companies, cultural events and galleries.

Cultivating an experimental approach, she first drew public and press interest with Adsono, a cooperative game for two players, based on luminous buttons strapped on the body. Among her most noticeable works are Virtual T-Break, developed for BNP Paribas at WTA Finals in Singapore or Magnesia, a multiplayer installation based on neodymium controllers, her last art residency realisation in Berlin. More info about these games are available at www.mechbird.fr

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, May 16

09:30 CEST