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Monday, May 16

09:30 CEST

QUICK CUSTOM CONTROLLERS is a workshop were we break and reinvent controllers! 


Tatiana Vilela

Tatiana Vilela is an indie game designer. She began in 2010 by designing games for iPad and web browser based interactive experiences, before specializing herself in playful installation design. After few months scouring festivals and gatherings across the world with her homemade... Read More →

Monday May 16, 2016 09:30 - 11:00 CEST
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14:15 CEST

Mariam Zakarian - Virtual Reality for Visual Artists
Limited Capacity seats available

Wondering what it’s like to make pre-production art for a VR game project? This workshop will provide insight into the challenges and opportunities in working with such a new medium from a visual artist’s point of view: something, which has been called the equivalent of painting while simultaneously creating your paintbrush. The workshop will also have a TiltBrush art competition where you can try the HTC Vive, as well as a fun concept art challenge, so bring your sketchbooks and drawing tablets!

1. Presentation where I will talk about doing pre-production for VR. I will touch upon key challenges from a UX and design point of view, and the relevance of this for a visual artist working on a VR production. 
2. Handout: I will give you a list of resources and links that can help you get started with VR development. 
3. Playtime! I will bring my HTC Vive to the workshop and we will do an unofficial mini-competition in TiltBrush where each attendee gets to paint in VR for a set amount of time. You can win small but colorful prizes.
Limited capacity for participants! The first 20 people to sign up on Sched get PRIORITIY on the competition participant list. 
4. Concept art/design challenge. At the same time as the competition the rest of the attendees can choose to do a concept art/design challenge where we work out of a design brief and create concept art/designs for a VR game. Bring your own sketching/drawing/painting equipment, but please no wet media. If you choose to send your drawing to me afterwards, it will be featured online after the workshop. 

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN DRAWING EQUIPMENT if you wish to try the mini-challenge. No wet media allowed, as we will not have time to clean up spilled paint. 

Looking foward to seeing you!
- Mariam

Monday May 16, 2016 14:15 - 15:45 CEST
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Tuesday, May 17

10:15 CEST

Karl Flodin - Laymans Guide to Audio
This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning how to create music or sound from scratch using a computer.
I will show you some techniques and free software that you can use to make some sweet sounds even if you don't consider yourself a musician or know the first thing about sound design.

avatar for Karl Flodin

Karl Flodin

KFLO Audio
Karl Flodin is a composer from Stockholm working with video games. He has done music for The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, Square Brawl and a big pile of game jams. Karl is currently doing music and sound design for Clustertruck.

Tuesday May 17, 2016 10:15 - 11:45 CEST
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13:00 CEST

Roel Ezendam - Physics, or how to make moving around feel good!
Moving around is a crucial foundation of many games, but how many people really sit down and think about the underlying formulas of motion? In this workshop we will build a simple movement framework that can be used for all kinds of games, including a bunch of tips 'n tricks I developed while making Action Henk.

If you're a designer with little coding experience, don't be afraid to drop by! We'll mostly be talking about logic, the programming will be very basic.

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Roel Ezendam

Roel Ezendam is Co-Founder and Game Coder/Designer at RageSquid, a young game studio from The Netherlands that created Action Henk. Being a programmer by nature, Roel is always looking into how a technical approach can assist game design.

Tuesday May 17, 2016 13:00 - 14:30 CEST
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